Our mission is to bring childhood memories before internet time and experience to others who could not experience that time. By this we mean a short but powerful moment between 1990-2000.

Strangeplanet BBS is an Amiga board running CNet BBS software. In the 90's bulletin board systems were hooked on telephonelines but now in the new era you can reach us on the internet. Click BBS to log in on the web or for better experience point your telnet app to strangeplanet.org port 6800. DCTelnet works well on Amiga, Ccgms21 on the 64, Windows users can use Netrunner, and Mac and Linux users have a built in telnet Client.

Radio focuses on authentic C64 & Amiga (8 + 16/32bit) music that can be said to be the beginning of machine music.

Welcome to the trip.